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The Study of trolls

A troll is usually between 11-34 Mainly spends time in the computer area, and it's main meal is Cheetos which it covers it's keyboard with, and soda. The troll does not feel remorse for anything it does, and should be avoided when roaming the internet.


A common troll being disturbed.

The troll will not respond to warnings, because it does not care if it gets banned. It is widley believed that Trolls come from a place called 4-chan. 4-chan is a place that some believe only exists in legends,

The troll will vandilize any page and feel no remorse over it, the troll has no reasoning points, and worst of all, no friends.

I will be going to the Fabled 4-chan to study these trolls...I will post more when I am back from my perilous journey.

God help me...

Always time to laugh. 15:28, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

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