// So I had the best idea ever, and that was to do a pasta done in a blog post format.  Now that may not sound like much, but here's where it gets // interesting for you.  This pasta is going to be an actual blog that people can write stuff on and influence the storyline as they see fit.  Does that // sound interesting?  Just a few rules before I get the whole thing started.  Any trash comments like "ur mom" or something like that will not  be in // the final story, and neither will be things that completely derail the plot like "it was all a  dreeeeeam" or something stupid like  that.  I don't want // this to become just another haunted game .exe pasta.  In  order to  say something that you don't want to be put in the pasta, just type "//"          // before it.  This is so you can ask questions and stuff.  Got it?  Oh yeah   and one more sidenote.  When I feel this has reached an adequete    // ending I will say so.  Let's begin!

Does anyone here remember a game called, "Shell Shock?"  It was a DOS game that my friend had when I was a kid.  I saw him play it a few times and it looked kinda interesting.  It was some kind of adventure game that was reminiscent of, "Shadowgate," on the NES, what with the text box on the bottom of the screen and the inventory screen on the right.  From what I remember there were 6 guys sitting around a table talking about their experiences in the Vietnam War.  Once one of them started talking the game would transition into their memory where you would replay a traumatic event in their lives.  I only ever saw one that my friend said was, "the funniest one," that had you sitting in a small hut with another soldier.  The soldier got up and walked out of the hut where he was promptly shot.  Just as you get up to help the other soldier a child would walk into the room holding a gun and you would have to choose whether to shoot or not.  I don't remember any of the dialog in this section.

My actual memory of the game is very fuzzy, as you could no doubt tell.  What I want to know is; does anyone have a working copy of this game?  If so, could you send me the files so I could start work on a ROM?  I've searched all of the ROM websites and I can't find a thing.  I don't like seeing good games get forgotten, and this certainly looks like it could be quite the good game.  Please post any information you can find about the game below.

Regards - Cat