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Spinoff Appeal?

Bushcraft Medic has a point; we SHOULD be a little less intolerant. But merely accepting every shitty pasta that comes along, despite his protestations, WOULD be horrible. This wiki is about QUALITY content, and removing the no-spinoffs rule entirely would open the floodgates of crap, drowning us in subpar Slenderman and Jeff The Killer knockoffs.

So, I've come up with a compromise, which comes in two parts:

  1. Instead of being blocked for posting on the forbidden subjects for the first time, the author will receive a warning and the story will be removed. The 1-day block will only apply if the author re-uploads it (re-uploading pages is an offense.)
  2. Spinoff Appeal. If Cleric approves of the idea, it'll be a system similar to Deletion Appeal in which the author posts a link to their OC spinoff/prequel/sequel which they posted offsite and get it reviewed by admins to see if it's good enough to be added to the wiki.

So, what do you think?

EDIT: it's ready!

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