Just a little reminder: harassing or insulting other users (especially admins and VCROC members) in chat, via PM, or on the site itself is a week ban no matter what. Whiteknighting* for the banned user earns you the same fate. Sexist, racist, or other discriminatory remarks directed toward other users earns you a two-week ban.
(Emptily) accuse us of hypocrisy all you wish, but that doesn't change the rules. Also, harassing the same users you antagonized here on other wikis nets you a perma-ban. Also, admins DO have the right to block/report you if you harass them or spam their profiles on DeviantART. You'd think people would have enough common sense not to insult the admins, but it seems this is what I have to do to bring attention to the rule. *Whiteknighting: the act of protecting someone who has done something wrong to gain their favor.

An example of offsite drama. Don't be that guy.

This rule also applies on other sites in the Creepypasta Wiki network, so don't even THINK about trying that shit there.