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Rant: girls that have short hair

 Ok, this may not matter to may people out there but I wear my hair short. No I'm not a lesbian, no I'm not a tomboy, It's just my style and people always freak out when I say that I got my hair cut. Especially with my friends. They spazz out just for that reason and I find it really annoying when they do. I cut my hair for multiple reasons, some of them having to do with my "hipster complex" in which I feel the need to go against social normalicy, another is the fact that I kind of enjoy freaking out my friends (according to them, I am totally insane), lastly it keeps out of my face when I study or am concenterating- long hair just gets in the way. Tell me your opinion on girls with short hair in the comments!

May the frosting be with you, always.
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