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About the Darkness

The darkness controls everyone it can get a hold of...

But apart from having to sound like a shadowlord that belongs in a creepypasta itself, I actually have a life. The darkness didnt suck it from me yet, but I can live with it.

Like many others, I am relatively new to creepypasta, but enjoy every minute of being on this site. I've always enjoyed writing since... a long time ago. However, I had never actually written a ceeepy story, until I met WritesYourNightmares. He introduced me to this stuff and I havn't looked back! I will stay here for a long time yet. So if you dont like me, tough, you gotta deal with it son.

Well, now that I have my shadow mask on, I guess this is goodbye for now.

The darkness knows your every move.


The friend of darkness

Oh, and I make logos for myself, and others. just ask for yours. I know WritesYourNightmares loves his.

URL to WritesYourNightmares's page

the darkness still knows your every move. (just saying)

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