Not really. But I feel kind of special. 

I live in a very, very rural community, and getting constant and reliable internet access is painstaking to say the least. However, from time to time I find myself with excellent opportunities to binge on internet, watch hours of video, read loads of content and so forth.

Even more frequently, I will add my own content. I hope I'm being perfectly clear that people don't typically respond to me, I have no following, I have no fans, and I'm fine with that. But today, to my complete and total surprise, I was watching a youtube video about creepy gaming, and when the video ended, youtube set the next video to auto-play...


I figuratively lost my shit. Ok, so it was done MONTHS ago, but that's a testament as to how little I check the internet!

All in all, I just want to thank...Well anyone who read my story, there are like 360 comments on the youtube channel, less than half are actually about the story, but its still exponentially more than I woul expect anyone to talk about any content of mine.

To re-itterate. Thank You. I don't have a clue who you are. Likely, no one will read this. But if you do, 

Whoever you are, 

Thank you, thank you so much.

You're Awesome.