Well I was born March 7th I have both parents I have a dog he is 13 years old a rat terrier. I grew up in the country till the 5th grade then I moved to Saginaw, Freddy Krueger is my favorite horror person of all Robert Englund not the new guy he did a alright job I suppose I like more of the back story a little bit. I have a older sister and a niece and a Brother in law, I graduated Heritage back in 2013 I have my diploma I am 21. I am a family person and a friend person. Horror is my favorite of all Genres but I do like comedy to, big time gamer if anyone knows of a good game creepy pasta feel free to tell me I already read Ben drowned before and link is dead and some others, I am a juggalo Whoop whoop, also I like Eminem Tenacious D, My chemical Romance, NickelBack, Weird Al yankovic, and much more I enjoy music in general not to much country though that isn't my favorite except for a few singers also I attend Job corps as a trainee. well I think that is all I want to share right now. Sweet Dreams