In the second edition of Tips on Writing Pastas, we're going to look at the types of character traits and whole characters you NEVER want to write.

1. The wuss. The wuss is a character who gets freaked out by every little thing that could be even REMOTELY considered creepy. These characters are so annoying that by the end we're probably rooting for whatever wants them dead. A good example of this character is Tom from abomina- ahem, sonic.exe.

2. The idiot. You know this guy. This guy has no common sense and couldn't make a good decision if his life depended on it. Fortunately, it usually does, and we no longer have to glue our hands to our face. Examples are everywhere, especially in haunted games.

3. The skeptic. no matter how messed up things get, the skeptic always tries to rationalize it. Lovecraftian creature headed your way? probably just some guy in a suit. He'll go down quick. If it doesn't, and starts leaking blue blood? He's just hallucinating, wait, no. He's dead. A skeptic can be written well, but when they start trying to rationalize EVERYTHING, it quickly becomes bothersome. No matter what you think that thing is, it's going to kill you. Run, you idiot.

4. The fearless. A common hollywood character, and, just like in those movies, they're going to die because they're stubborn morons. Every. Single. Time.

5. Targets. These characters exist for the SOLE purpose of dying, and don't move the plot at all. This is the only character that can be an animal.

There are 5 things you should try to avoid doing when writing your character. Happy browsing!