Settings are an important part of your story. Even if you aren't writing creepypasta, you need a setting. Without having one, Your story takes place In some unknown void that only has the stuff you need to be scary. So, to avoid the mistake that is the Prop-void, here are some settings to use for your creepypasta.

1: The house. The house is the most basic setting, because it can be used in almost any genre of creepypasta. It could be a "Killer/Monster pasta, like in Laughing Jack or Eyeless Jack. It could be more like NoEnd house (Read that one if you haven't, it's in my top 3 pastas) where it's a haunted house, and not even YOUR house. Or, it could be a gaming pasta. An example would be in any gaming pasta ever.

2: The cemetery. This place is just eerie. The concept alone of this being the place where we bury our family members is just somewhat disturbing. Here's an idea. Maybe when the bodies are buried, they're not dead yet. This is a great starting point for any creepypasta because cemeteries are just freaky in the first place.

3: The woods. Slender, the 8 pages. That is all.

4: Underground. Being underground in just about any environment can be scary. Light is limited, and so are exit points. When you're trapped underground with someone (or something) That wants your head (Or other bits) It's great creepypasta material.

5: The lake. What lives in it is up to you.

There's 5 locations for you to use in your pastas. Always avoid the prop-void!

Happy browsing!

- Blood