I've thought of making a blog about how to do aspects of creepypasta that tend to fail, or just tips for writing a pasta. If I keep doing this I'm bound to spit out some poor advice, so just tell me what you think of these should you come across them. Some rules you can break if you REALLY know what you're doing.

As you might expect from the title, this blog post is about how to do death scary or well.

1. It must have a purpose. If a person dies without any meaning in the story or without reason to die, it's not going to help your pasta. People opening links to pictures of dead people is just... no.

2. Don't be really gory. Excessive gore just isn't scary anymore. No matter how creative you try to be with the gore, it's just not scary. If you want a gore limit, I'd say a person cut open somewhere, maybe missing a body part. I think it would work to have a bone torn out of the body. Just not the skull. Never the skull. Skulls are boring.

3. Somebody needs to care. This one isn't as common a problem as the others, but here's a big example. In "Laughing Jack" the dog dies and nobody really cares after that scene. It's unbelieveable, and in a bad way.

4. The concept of death is scarier than actual death. Xenophobia and Necrophobia (Fear of the unknown and death, respectively,) are both common fears and play off of each other.

Creepypastas are a complex art, and I'll try my best to give advice for pasta writers. Leave a comment for suggestions for other posts, or something to change or improve.

Happy browsing.

-Friggin' blood.