Hello, and welcome to my third installment of this blog thread. I won't bore you with any more of an introduction, so let's get to it!

1. The open ending. The open ending is the ending where some things are left unknown, and it's up to you to play scary mad libs to find out what they are. To do this ending well, never reveal one or more aspects, like who the killer / monster / killer monster is, what caused an event to occur, what happened to the main character (the most common one,) etc.

2. I died. This ending is most commonly used in troll pastas. This is when the main character dies. To do it not trollishly (new word :D) it should be a journal style pasta. It can either be an open ending, where we can assume that the main character died, or have the journal stop suddenly at a place that would make us assume that he/she died. The second way requires extreme care.

3. I don't know what happened. This ending is when the main character doesn't know what really happened, which, again, ties into the open ending. Here's this ending as you might find it written.

I didn't get far enough into [location] to see what caused [event.] Frankly, though, I don't want to.

It doesn't even have to be with those blanks. It could really be anything.

4. I do know what happened. This is when everything has been figured out, and the character knows most of to exactly what's going on. Examples of this would be Happy Appy or 1999.

5. The twist. This is when your pasta takes a sudden twist at the end which gives your story a whole new meaning.  An example of this one would be The Seven Deadly sins. You can read it on this wiki or listen to a reading by MrCreepyPasta. This ending can be partnered with any others, and they often are.

There you go. 5 major endings that you could put in your creepypasta.

Happy browsing!

-Bluud O)_(O