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  • Freaking blood

    Hello everybody, sorry for not posting in a while. There's been some... stuff going on. Don't worry though. Nobody died or anything.

    My post today isn't in the usual sthick of writing 4 or 5 things about what to do when writing creepypastas. Today I'm going to talk about popular creepypastas, and what I think of them very quickly. Except for the one I saved for the end, these are in no particular order. I won't stall the upcoming list any longer, so let's do this.

    Popular Pokepastas: I put these all in one segment because when you pick apart a Pokepasta you find that they have very similar traits, like "Your [Pokemon] died!" Welcome to creepypasta if you haven't heard that one before. It's fun here! Back on track, I think these creepypastas …

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  • Freaking blood

    Settings are an important part of your story. Even if you aren't writing creepypasta, you need a setting. Without having one, Your story takes place In some unknown void that only has the stuff you need to be scary. So, to avoid the mistake that is the Prop-void, here are some settings to use for your creepypasta.

    1: The house. The house is the most basic setting, because it can be used in almost any genre of creepypasta. It could be a "Killer/Monster pasta, like in Laughing Jack or Eyeless Jack. It could be more like NoEnd house (Read that one if you haven't, it's in my top 3 pastas) where it's a haunted house, and not even YOUR house. Or, it could be a gaming pasta. An example would be in any gaming pasta ever.

    2: The cemetery. This place …

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  • Freaking blood

    Hello, and welcome to my third installment of this blog thread. I won't bore you with any more of an introduction, so let's get to it!

    1. The open ending. The open ending is the ending where some things are left unknown, and it's up to you to play scary mad libs to find out what they are. To do this ending well, never reveal one or more aspects, like who the killer / monster / killer monster is, what caused an event to occur, what happened to the main character (the most common one,) etc.

    2. I died. This ending is most commonly used in troll pastas. This is when the main character dies. To do it not trollishly (new word :D) it should be a journal style pasta. It can either be an open ending, where we can assume that the main character died, …

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  • Freaking blood

    In the second edition of Tips on Writing Pastas, we're going to look at the types of character traits and whole characters you NEVER want to write.

    1. The wuss. The wuss is a character who gets freaked out by every little thing that could be even REMOTELY considered creepy. These characters are so annoying that by the end we're probably rooting for whatever wants them dead. A good example of this character is Tom from abomina- ahem, sonic.exe.

    2. The idiot. You know this guy. This guy has no common sense and couldn't make a good decision if his life depended on it. Fortunately, it usually does, and we no longer have to glue our hands to our face. Examples are everywhere, especially in haunted games.

    3. The skeptic. no matter how messed up thing…

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  • Freaking blood

    I've thought of making a blog about how to do aspects of creepypasta that tend to fail, or just tips for writing a pasta. If I keep doing this I'm bound to spit out some poor advice, so just tell me what you think of these should you come across them. Some rules you can break if you REALLY know what you're doing.

    As you might expect from the title, this blog post is about how to do death scary or well.

    1. It must have a purpose. If a person dies without any meaning in the story or without reason to die, it's not going to help your pasta. People opening links to pictures of dead people is just... no.

    2. Don't be really gory. Excessive gore just isn't scary anymore. No matter how creative you try to be with the gore, it's just not scary. If you…

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