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  • I live in Somewhere
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Being crazy
  • I am Female.
  • FragmentedDetective

    I'm just curious about it, really. One of what I believe is my best ones, The Ferryman, is based on Charon of Greek Mythology and I want to soon write one based on either Chinese or Japanese folklore. My only issue is that I'm not sure if they're necessarily scary to people.

    Of course, I know there's other factors that go into it - things like how well it's written and how the lore is portrayed - but I'd like to know your thoughts.

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  • FragmentedDetective

    ...I may as well do it too. Just keep in mind, I'm not complaining about it~.

    Honestly, the permenant removal of the chat is more a good thing than bad. I remember seeing all the debates earlier  in 2014, and it's clear that nothing went right. I'm not sure what happened between my last visit here before I poofed and my return, but wow...I honestly had higher hopes that the members would behave well enough, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Oh well, in the bigger part of things it's not really all that bad a thing. People who were only here because of the chatroom will either leave or try helping around the site. I honestly see more of the former though.

    Please, feel free to tell me your opinion about it.

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  • FragmentedDetective

    Oh look, I remembered to log in again.

    Hope everyone had a great year. Mine wasn't too terribly great, save for a few good things sprinkled about (though few and far between), but I hope that this year will be so much better. Can't wait to spend another wonderful year here, hopefully I don't go and vanish like I did last year!

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  • FragmentedDetective

    My god, it's been months. Did not mean to leave like that. o_o Happy New Year! XD

    Anyway, I think my motivation is slowly returning. I haven't had any inspiration for a new pasta yet, but it's at least better than what I have had since graduating last May. Hopefully I can manage to write a new one soon, I really do miss writing them. 

    So, how has everyone been while I was gone? Have I missed much?

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  • FragmentedDetective

    Whoops, it's been a little over a month since I last put up an entry. Sorry for not being around much aside from a little bit of lurking here and there, I've been rather busy and haven't had much to write (or rather, no inspiration to write). High school graduation is right around the corner, so I've mostly been focused on that.

    I'll try to be a little more active after the 1st of June, so I'll see you all then!

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