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Foxtrax January 27, 2014 User blog:Foxtrax

hello my name is foxtrax or FoX and id like to talk about me 

im not that guy thats too in to sites like this i joined this site to read creepypastas 

my life is boring not much to do so i read and when i found creepypastas i had fun reading them 

i do have school so i wont be on here 24-7 but i will cheak it when its done

so if i dont post anything it doesint mean im dead (not like anyone cares) it probly means that my internet is acting stupid 

thats all i have to post right now (i thingk)

FoX                                                                                                      note: i did not make this 

                                                    look at this ----->
YTP The Green Wedding08:18

YTP The Green Wedding

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