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Probably a birth of a new creepypasta?

FourtE2 November 21, 2012 User blog:FourtE2

Lately, I've been imagining some horrific stuff. Not the average creepypasta horror, mainly people I REALLY dislike hurting themselves in some way. Don't take it the wrong way, I'm such a pussy. I back out from fights, drugs and sexual interactions but since creepy pasta has come into my life I've been easing my anger from people I hate.

There's an African in my year, complete swag numb nut, and he hates my guts. So much he's beggining to spread rumours about me. Not cool right? Once he did that and I began to wright his death. It eased my anger of running away and crying like a pussy I am, then I realised... This can go as a creepy pasta story.

Now, I know that Creepypasta Wiki does not accept Spin-offs but I personaly believe that Jeff the Killer could have some competition in a story. Slaughter Luke, based off my life, all the names I've been called, ugly, fag and poof. Luke tears his skin from his face and places a mask over. As time goes on, the mask becomes him and he sneaks into Swag-Fags Homes and rip off their face, forcing them to become ugly.

I want to hear an opinion about this. Don't worry, I'm not actually going to go on a mass murder. I know I've got so much to live for (Like that one girl)!

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