Before I start describingwhat a wonderful time I have been having today, have you read 'Christine' by Steven King? There's a chapter when the main character is being bullied and he drives home screaming and crying because of those shits.

That's what I feel like.

It all started on facebook. There's this Swag Fag that no one likes except stoners because they can grab some weed off of him. Anyway, he spelt 'there' instead of 'they're'. Now, I hate him so I wanted to piss him off BADLY. I corrected him and he started to scream and cry insults to me. What a immature idiot eh?

Well at school he slapped me in the face, didn't hurt but it did piss me off. Later, he kicked me three times in the jaw and slapped me 3 more times. I'm not one for violence so I let it happen like a pussy I am.

I dobbed him in at the end of the day to the teacher but what the heck are they going to do about it? PLEASE HELP ME. HE'S GOING TO DO IT TOMORROW aS WELL. PLS GIVE ME ADVICE.