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Daily Rant: Lavender Town

FourtE2 November 24, 2012 User blog:FourtE2

Ok, Before I beging this topic I'm just going to say my Creepy Pasta I've talked about recently I going smoothly. Yep, Don't need any sort of help right now.

Now on to the 'Rant'.

Most of you may be aware of Pokepastas (Pokemon themed Creepy Pastas if you were not aware) and their boring plots. Most of them are basially something goes wrong in Lavender Town, then the other about something gone wrong the the Tower in Lavender Town. The References of this town is TOO DAMN HIGH! Heck, there's even a game about Lavender Town (The name escapes me)!

First of all, there are plenty of other settings they could use easily, Old Chatau. That place is Creepy as hell! Now, there may be a story about it but I've seen none! None what so ever! But what story could come from there? Maybe a old man kidnaps a girl and they probably get cursed by Ratom and they can never escape the Chatau. Heh, that sounds quite nice... The Curse of the Ratom... probably keep that in my pocket...