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    Creepypasta Fan Pages

    January 8, 2013 by FourtE2

    Lately I've seen them crop up everywhere! On twitter and Facebook. They are mainly meme and creepy picture based and I don't really have a problem about that. What really gets on my nerves is that some of thier followers are a little personal and they defend the page with their life.

    But admins are great like on this Jeff the Killer page or this Slender Memes page.

    They are quite nice :)

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  • FourtE2

    Had a great day... NOT

    December 10, 2012 by FourtE2

    Before I start describingwhat a wonderful time I have been having today, have you read 'Christine' by Steven King? There's a chapter when the main character is being bullied and he drives home screaming and crying because of those shits.

    That's what I feel like.

    It all started on facebook. There's this Swag Fag that no one likes except stoners because they can grab some weed off of him. Anyway, he spelt 'there' instead of 'they're'. Now, I hate him so I wanted to piss him off BADLY. I corrected him and he started to scream and cry insults to me. What a immature idiot eh?

    Well at school he slapped me in the face, didn't hurt but it did piss me off. Later, he kicked me three times in the jaw and slapped me 3 more times. I'm not one for violence…

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  • FourtE2

    Ok, COMPLETELY off topic to Daily Rant for creepypastas but I need to snap at this... The Facebook Losers. Please, let me start with the Like Fishermen. All they do is find quotes or pictures they can post, claiming it's their own, and don't believe anything about it. Take this for an example;

    See this!? 103 Likes. I ahve seen this on 4chan, reddit and even funnyjunk. He, is a complete Swag-Fag, and gives not a single care for un-populare people like me.

                I guess, this is a bitter-sweet thing. This, is the inspiration I need. To continue on my Pasta. I had to start again from the new rules by the way.

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  • FourtE2

    Tomorrow, I'm going to write it all. Masked Luke, my Creepypasta. Why? Because I'm pissed, really pissed. Why the heck am I pissed? Ok, I have a friend (Let's call her a) and she wants to know who I like (Who is b). So she says she's going to spread a rumour that I like a random (Who is c).

    I have no work on Sunday so I'm doing an All-Nighter and I'll probably add her as a victim in the Pasta. Hope you guys have a wonderful day, hope it's better thn mine.

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  • FourtE2

    Daily Rant: .exe Pastas

    November 27, 2012 by FourtE2

    I have seen many, many .exe creepypastas. And they're all the same, the only good one I've read is Sonic.exe and yeah, it kinda was  the only one that made sense. Because the Author EXPLAINED what was happening and what was the outcomes. Not like: 'I played it and stuff happened. I get nightmares and don't play this game.'


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