{Hello. I'm Kitsu Kiyo, or Forgetlt. Personally, it doesn't matter what you call it really. So! On to the point of this: Hello! Derp. I want to try to get more active in this community, as I really like the creepypastas and the users here. I also like how most people here aren't like some idiots from my school who believe horrors will bring you down to hell no matter what <w<. 

I use Forgetlt ( lowercase l, not a capital i.) as a character mostly since I am somewhat trying to create a new type of demon in a way as an angel too, and well Forgetlt is a character-in-progress. Her personality can change still due to her sanity level in her journals which I will post as a creepypasta (hopefully soon), decaying a bit more and more. She is similar to my other character Decay Ideas, but the true differences are their race, backround history, and their mindsets. Decay is a lost cause as Forgetlt can make a change.

So, I think that's about- Oh! I forgot to ask you...How are you doing today? Alrighty then, I hope you all have a nice time and thanks for being a nice community so far from what I could see. Aside from the Bronies, you perhaps are the second best community I've come accross at the moment.

Now I'm done. Anything "Posted like this" is Forgetlt's journals as regular text is other things. I still haven't thought it out completely so this might change in the future. NOW I'm done. Okay. Ja mata ne~