Two of the worst pastas of all time, and which one is worse in your opinion? Personally, I have to say Sonic.exe. I found it literally physically painful to read. Don't get me wrong, I hate Jeff the Killer too, but still I think Sonic.exe is worse.

Why? Well let's see here, Sonic.exe can't kill you unless you play it. At least Jeff can go around house to house and slaughter someone. Plus, despite being unrealistic, Jeff is still more realistic and plausible than Sonic.exe. Plus, Jeff isn't some demon named Killer or something.

Plus, Sonic.exe is even more ridiculous. A god named X who apparently loves Sonic, and also loves murdering the characters? I mean, grabbing guns and starting a shoot-out is one thing, but a demon who loves Sonic?

Please explain your position in the comments. Note, if you say Sonic.exe isn't the worst of the two, I am not your friend anymore. Not that I was in the first place probably, but still.