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September 13, 2013
  • Forestfleet

    I find this aspect of a good creepypasta strangely rarely brought up. Anyway, the "Something Not Quite Right" is a point in most creepypastas where you realize that, as the name suggests, something isn't quite right here.

    The first example that comes to mind for me is in "A Game of Flashlight Tag" When the protagonist gets a flashlight shined into his face during the early part of the story there's something odd. The person holding the flashlight is unresponsive to practically everything. Then, he starts walking towards the protagonist, and runs when the protagonist runs. It's at that point where we don't feel something is off about this guy - we know it.

    Another example is "To-Do List", a pasta that is unfortunately not on this wiki. Creepsmc…

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  • Forestfleet

    Two of the worst pastas of all time, and which one is worse in your opinion? Personally, I have to say Sonic.exe. I found it literally physically painful to read. Don't get me wrong, I hate Jeff the Killer too, but still I think Sonic.exe is worse.

    Why? Well let's see here, Sonic.exe can't kill you unless you play it. At least Jeff can go around house to house and slaughter someone. Plus, despite being unrealistic, Jeff is still more realistic and plausible than Sonic.exe. Plus, Jeff isn't some demon named Killer or something.

    Plus, Sonic.exe is even more ridiculous. A god named X who apparently loves Sonic, and also loves murdering the characters? I mean, grabbing guns and starting a shoot-out is one thing, but a demon who loves Sonic?


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  • Forestfleet

    "For the Writer's Workshop Board can we post creepypastas that we intend for other creepypasta related sites (Spinpasta, trollpasta -Okay, probably/hopefully not that-, or one of creepypasta wikis ten trillion spin-offs) on there for feedback or advice? After all, last I checked, Spinpasta doesn't have a Writer's Workshop Board."

    Yeah, I asked one admin of this, but then I found out my question was drowned by ten trillion others, so I guess I'll ask the community to see if anybody knows.

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  • Forestfleet

    "Horror" Category?

    March 6, 2014 by Forestfleet

    So, I've been browsing around fake categories made by people who didn't know how to locate the rules (And I also have reason to assume they cannot navigate the grocery store either), and I noticed that one of them literally has two stories, and a blog category. Horror. 

    Whoever made this needs to breathe more air, because their brain does not get enough oxygen currently. Seriously, this entire site is all about horror. Adding horror is redundant.

    "But this is CREEPYpasta wiki, not HORRORpasta! Horror is more scary!" In this case then it should be like the "Weird" category where the admins are the people who decide what goes in it. 

    Tl;dr: Whoever made the horror category is stupid. 

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  • Forestfleet

    Favorite Kind of Horror

    February 5, 2014 by Forestfleet

    Waht is your favorite kind of horror? Are you a person into scientific horror, a person into psychological horror, a person into paranormal horror, a person into realistic horror, etc. Personally, I'm a realistic horror person, someone who likes things that can happen in real life. Things that are completely realistic.

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