• FoldingchairSA

    1. Dear, Whatever.- I know that I reccomend a huge amount of Slimebeast pasta, but trust me, this is one of his best if you ask me. A good sense of humor that almost contradicts some of the pasta's more eerie moments.

    2. The Deletion Scream.- Not gold by any means, but this is a fairly well written pasta, mostly for it's use of creative adjectives.

    3. And we danced.- By far the creepiest pasta that I've read this month, and is slowly becoming one of my all time favorites, FREAKY imagery to add to the overall mystery and unknown that the pasta tackles.

    4. Blueberries.- I...can't even explain this one, all I'll say is that it's in the weird category for a very good reason.

    5. Somberero Wearing Dinosaur.- Insanity and repitition, whether it was i…

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