Well, where should I start?

I was born in Texas (but I didn't stay there long) so I moved around to Maryland and Florida, then finally, Washington. Although I lived in Florida the longest,

I hate the heat.

I really love rain and clouds and coldness and I don't think I can really EVER adapt from it.

My favorite holiday is Halloween. My family and I always decorate the outdoors and I even dress up with my friends (although I'm 16 as of now, which many find weird here).

I'm also terrible at talking to people, so if any of you ever decide to have a conversation with me, I can guarantee that you will get bored. Nothing's stopping you though!

Some of my favorite pastas consist of the following:

I'm sure there'll be more extended to the list.

I can't seem to think of anything else to include right now...

Oh, my favorite things to do in my past time is write on my typewriter, read, hang out with my friends, and play Xbox (My gamertag is OrphanMeeat. If you wish to add me, please inform me on my talk page).

I'm hungry all the time.

Nothing can fill the abyss in my stomach.

I think I can eat forever.

I guess that's all?

Wait, I really love horror movies and everything of that sort... I own over 200 horror movies in my movie collection.

They're sort of the reason I started reading and writing creepypasta. My first movie ever was even Candyman. I'm also very interested in post mortem and plauges and all sorts of morbid things of that nature. Not gore, though. I remember gagging when I saw The Collector. I suppose that's all?

So if any of you wish to talk to me, please send me a message on my talk page! I hope we can get to know eachother.