aka Holly

  • I live in Washington
  • I was born on September 25
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am female
  • FloggingHolly

    An Advanced About Me

    December 16, 2012 by FloggingHolly

    Well, where should I start?

    I was born in Texas (but I didn't stay there long) so I moved around to Maryland and Florida, then finally, Washington. Although I lived in Florida the longest,

    I hate the heat.

    I really love rain and clouds and coldness and I don't think I can really EVER adapt from it.

    My favorite holiday is Halloween. My family and I always decorate the outdoors and I even dress up with my friends (although I'm 16 as of now, which many find weird here).

    I'm also terrible at talking to people, so if any of you ever decide to have a conversation with me, I can guarantee that you will get bored. Nothing's stopping you though!

    Some of my favorite pastas consist of the following:

    • Gateway of the Mind
    • Papercuts
    • Barbie.avi
    • Candle Cove
    • Lavender


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  • FloggingHolly

    For my English class I was supposed to write a gothic children's story. A few made movies and some even wrote songs. Yet most, including myself, wrote poems or stories. I'm just gonna share mine. It had drawings but I haven't gotten it back yet. This is all from memory so it probably isn't exactly the same.

    "When the moon goes out
    the fireflies show up.
    Torching the sky and
    guiding the ghosts home.

    The ghouls come out to play.
    Harvesters reap, willows weep.
    In the everlasting night with no sign of day,
    as the children sleep and the creepers creep.

    The fireflies dance around the night skies
    to the rythem of the howling wind.
    Glances from curious bright eyes.
    Just as the moon has destined.

    (there was like two or three more clumps but I forgot them. I ha…

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