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Hello! My first blog post and about me :)

Hello everyone!

My internet name is obviously Flamestar00. I've just joined this wiki today because I'm a fan of Creepypasta.

I hope to be able to write my own some day and already have some ideas for them.

I'm interested in History. Ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman. I adore English history but my favourite time in the English  Monarchy would have to be Wars of the Roses and the Tudor Dynasty. I also like the French Revolution the World Wars... pretty much all periods of history.

My passions would have to be drawing, reading, writing, music (I play Piano, French Horn a bit of Trumpet and I can sing).

My pasta's (if and when I write them) will proberbly be about events in history because I know that best. You can find me on deviantart under the same name I have here. (If I'm not allowed to mention that I'm very sorry!!)

I'm very easy to talk to and I would love to get to know you guys!

Till next time 

~Flame out

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