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slenderman ssighting

I saw him the slenderman he had been seen 2 times by me.I wish i colud say i hadent.........the first time i had seen him he had been outside standing in thorn bushes i looked away and looked he was closer i ran to my room then next thing i knew i was in my bed i thought it was a dream so i let it slide.Things where normal for about 3-4 months then me and my friend started talking about him. That night i had a nightmare i woke up saying to my self your acting silly it took me a lot of effort but i managed to turn around in my tangled up blanket he was there i told my friend and he said he seen him that night as well.this story is true you may thing it's bull but i tell you it'ss real i wish i had a picture but i don't i plan to use my camra as a survalance ill update if any sighting come up and upload the video

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