It seems that I have unsettled some members of the community here by my opinions about punctuation, JtK, etc etc. I've noticed that a couple of my comments have been deleted by admins in the past few weeks. And I'm not entirely sure why, but I feel that after going back and reading some of the things that I said, I might have went a little far with some of them.

I feel like I reignited this whole Jeff the Killer firestorm when I posted my messages on MrDupin's blog, but probably not since it never really was "extinguished." People will come on every few days and complain that it is gone, or so I heard.

Any who, I feel like the person I owe the biggest apology to is EmpyrealInvective, who before any of the JtK things came up, I acted very rudely to for our brief argument about contractions.

The reason I am making this a blog post is because I feel like I might have unintentionally upset other members of the community with my comments, and this is suppose to be my way of showing my regret for these actions to the entire community here at Creepypasta.

Well, I think I said all I wanted to say, and I hope this means that we can get over these things, and I'm going to try to not be so impolite and pretty much an ass on blogs and the forums anymore.