• Fizz on my Jayce

    It seems that I have unsettled some members of the community here by my opinions about punctuation, JtK, etc etc. I've noticed that a couple of my comments have been deleted by admins in the past few weeks. And I'm not entirely sure why, but I feel that after going back and reading some of the things that I said, I might have went a little far with some of them.

    I feel like I reignited this whole Jeff the Killer firestorm when I posted my messages on MrDupin's blog, but probably not since it never really was "extinguished." People will come on every few days and complain that it is gone, or so I heard.

    Any who, I feel like the person I owe the biggest apology to is EmpyrealInvective, who before any of the JtK things came up, I acted very rud…

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