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  • Fireflowerman

    My Decision

    April 18, 2015 by Fireflowerman

    Ok, I've been thinking about it lately and I figured I'd do 1 more story. If It get's deleted I'll give up on becoming a writer, if it doesn't get deleted, heh maybe I'll keep writing stories who knows. But hey, I'm going to think of some ideas and try publishing it to the Writers Work Shop, so.. Yeah! Let's see how this goes! Oh and when I said give up on becoming a writer, I MEANT IT!

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  • Fireflowerman


    March 8, 2015 by Fireflowerman

    Why yes! Another one of my story's were deleted, great! Just GREAT! That's another one of my future talent's down the drain! In case you don't know, Psycho Hound another story of mine which I worked really hard on was deleted from the wiki. I don't mean to be a brat but C'MON AM I THAT BAD OF A WRITER! Before deleting my stories, give a reason why or at least give me advice for what I should do to make my stories better, I mean seriously. Why did Psycho Hound get removed, tell me in the comments please. You got any constructive critisicm you could give me, otherwise I'll permanantly give up on writing stories. 

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  • Fireflowerman

    What's Going On?

    February 22, 2015 by Fireflowerman

    Ok, Let me start off by saying, I work really hard on my pastas. And this is what I get for It! I made 2 pastas, but they were deleted by the staff because *EHEM* "They were deleted for not following the terms of .. something," I dunno I forgot what It's called, and the split second I refreshed the page for "The Third Strike Of Hope" It was instantly deleted, could somebody please give me a much clearer explanation on why my pastas are always getting deleted. "A Hike In The Woods" was yet, another one I made with good effort, but It still was deleted. I'm not calling my work a masterpiece, but If the staff thinks that my storys are bad, then why don't they just say It!

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