The Teeth of White are everywhere. All around me and inside of me. He's here. He's everywhere. At my work. At my home. Anywhere and everywhere I go. It all started last week when I couldn't sleep. My girlfriend just broke up with me. I went for a ride to enjoy the night air. As I was driving I saw something in the corner of my eye. I backed up and it was gone... or so I thought. I kept driving when suddenly my eyes went black. All I saw was an image. Teeth. White Teeth. Sharp, Pointed Teeth. I felt a crash and was knocked unconscious.

    I woke up in a hospital and the nurse was tending to my I.V. drip. I asked what happened and she told me I crashed into a tree. They found cuts around my arms and a giant gash down my leg. She said they found the gash but there was something weird they found inside of it. It was then I realized the cloth on the table beside me. I picked it up and unwrapped it and in my hand I held a tooth. A Tooth of White.
    A couple of days later I got over my fear of this thing and decided it was all my imagination. Although I got over my fear, my mind didn’t. Every night I would have the same nightmare over and over again. Just white teeth. Finally I had enough. I went for a night ride again and avoided the road that I had my accident on. As I was driving I saw something in the corner of my eye again. I stopped, pulled the gun out of my glove compartment, backed up and froze. There stood a shadowy figure. A human shadow but with one difference. It had a full set, except for one, of white teeth. The same teeth from my nightmares. I just sat there. Frozen. Staring at it. I finally got the courage to move and I picked up my gun and pointed it at its head. When my gun was pointed the thing looked up at me. I felt a horrible chill go down my spine and I was paralyzed. My eyes went black and all I could see was it. Him. He was slowly putting himself inside of my. Creeping into my head. I was done for. After about half an hour my eyes were back to normal and I was in the same spot. I sped home and went to sleep.
    Now, every second of every minute of every day he’s watching me. He’s watching me everywhere. He can get in and out of my head as he pleases. I’m typing this because I can feel him extracting himself. He’s angry. He doesn’t let anyone know about him. He’s stopped… no He’s out. He’s standing across the room snarling at me. Help Me! GOOD GOD HELP ME!!!!!