• Fireeye2121

    Teeth of White

    April 7, 2014 by Fireeye2121

    The Teeth of White are everywhere. All around me and inside of me. He's here. He's everywhere. At my work. At my home. Anywhere and everywhere I go. It all started last week when I couldn't sleep. My girlfriend just broke up with me. I went for a ride to enjoy the night air. As I was driving I saw something in the corner of my eye. I backed up and it was gone... or so I thought. I kept driving when suddenly my eyes went black. All I saw was an image. Teeth. White Teeth. Sharp, Pointed Teeth. I felt a crash and was knocked unconscious.

    I woke up in a hospital and the nurse was tending to my I.V. drip. I asked what happened and she told me I crashed into a tree. They found cuts around my arms and a giant gash down my leg. She said they f… Read more >