aka Muhammad Firdaus

  • I live in Kuala Lumpur
  • I was born on July 24
  • My occupation is I don't have one as I am still a student. Sigh
  • I am Male. Why?
  • Firdauskotp

    3 years

    September 20, 2017 by Firdauskotp

    It had been 3 years since I signed up here and I did not fulfill my purpose. I did not post my pastas here and so on as I said. I was also very inactive. I still read the pastas here but I did not log in as much. So sorry, guys. I was really busy. I will try my best to upload pastas now.

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  • Firdauskotp


    September 17, 2014 by Firdauskotp

    Hello, my name is Firdaus and I am from Malaysia. I really do love reading and listening to youtubers reading creepypastas. Creepypastas can be the equivalent of this era's creepy stories that can be read or listen to at night, when your friends are over and even during camping. Honestly, they bring back the nostalgia of the creepy horror flicks that people used to see when they are kids during a thunderstorm or something.

    Despite being a fan of creepypastas, I only created a few of them. I posted one up here last month as a tribute to my country's Independence Day. I do plan on posting more creepypastas over here and getting involve with the whole community. So far, they all seem great. The events that are held here are good and unique! Ke…

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