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Some blog n shit

-_- Okay fine...


Age: 15 n shit

Sexuality: Whats the word for it, Hetrosexual?

Gender: Man n shit

Fandoms: homestuck, doctor who, harry potter, Yuknow, the usual.

Fav Fandom: Homestuck

Fav homestuck character: Tough call, I think it will be a tie between gamzee tavros

and eridan (NYEH!)

Fav troll: See above ^

Fav kid: Dave

Lover?: lol fuk u none of ure bisnis m9

Tell us: fuck off

Du eet: lol no

OTP: NepKat

Buckets?: Buckets? BUCKETS? *turns into kankri and flips shit*

Any shameless self promotes?: Fuckin check out mah tumblr

What is love?: Bby dont hurt me

Any secrets: Lol got one but cant tell u all

Lol go on, peer pressure n shit: No. Fuk u.

Finished n shit. Finneow. (talk)Triforce FTW 15:52, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

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