Okay so whatever im doin another one of these boo hoo wanna cry about it.

Name: ._. Finn (Mothafuckin) Prince

Fav user: <insert name here>

The fuck you live brah: England

fandoms: homestuck, Doctor who, Sherlock, Whatever else

-bad singing- these are a fe of my fav things: Goin on chat, Pokemanz, Zelda, VIDEYA GAMEZ in general.

Relationship Status?: *Cries in a corner* Im so lonely

Fav Color motherfucker?: Green. (Any "green is not a creative color" jokes will get you stabbed)

you want the snu snu?: NONONONONONONONONO-yes

Fave in-wikia joke: the fucks one of them?

._., Asin like, Ceiling nick or whatever: oh, Ceiling Nick... Or Seventagon, Or maby Vagoo

But theres one sound-: NO

That No one Knows: NONONONO OMGF NO


Da foods, Whats teh best?: I. Fucking. Love. Cake.

Otp: eeeeehhhhhhhh......

soooo.... How even did you get mods: Oh jesus christ you cannot be serious, Ask someone else or something.

Okay, So i need names for pokemon, What would be a good name for Steel/Drago-: Jack is that u, Jack, Stahp authoring my blog

Stop? i do not want to: godamnit

Ha, Now i have some power, i will utterly destroy you: ugh, fine, just make it quick

Do you like waffles?: Not this again.

Videya Gamez, Whas the best: Uh, OoT.

K, Any more infomation you wanna add?: Yes. *ahem* Follow my tumblr and dont hate me pls k.

Bai. Its Bigger On The Inside  (Hate Mail Goes Here)The tardisMini