• FigureFilmz

    My name is Alex, I love Eyeless Jack he is hands down my favorite Pasta great work on that story. I am makig a story with many CreepyPastas and would love it if I could us Jack in mine. I see you get this asked a lot but this is me asking any way. I wouldnt change his background but only little things about him. Jack is the main character, all Pastas used in the story will not be changed unless needed. I would make his mask more than just a mask it would be a main part of the storys plot. I would like to go into more detail but I wouldn't want to spill to many ideas I have. Other Pastas are in the show I already asked for us of Ticci Toby and Sally and got a yes. I would love to have Jack in the story, Thank you for reading this. -Alexande…

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