Personally, I think it is indeed the saddest type of food known to Western civilisation (as long as it's tinned), but if you can think of something worse, please let me know!

Sorry, I think I'm preoccupied with pasta at the moment. It's all I can afford to eat right now, and it is also all I feel like posting on the internet. Apparently, to get the '(Don't) Go To Sleep' badge, you only needed to contribute to the Wiki once a day for five days; it didn't need to be five creepypastas. Still, I have a lot of ideas and I intend to use them all. We are still in the month of Hallowe'en, after all!

I wasn't sure what to be this year, but I've finally plumped for: ZOMBIE! Have never been a zombie before, so it should be fun to experiment with creating gory effects. Unfortunately, one of my housemates has a slight phobia of the things, so she will be standing well away from me when the big day arrives.

Isn't that the point of dressing up? To scare people? I don't know what she thinks she's doing, ordering away for a ninja costume...

Well, enough about pasta in all its forms...

I should spaghetti-ing out of here!


But seriously, am I going too far-falle?

120px-Whole wheat penne, cooked and uncooked

OK, these puns are getting penne-ful now. 

Thanks for reading! x

(Ooh, and also, I thought I might get hold of some recording equipment and do a reading of 'Cuosp Humanya'. I've always wanted to create a creepy video, so maybe I will...)