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Hullo again, non-existent readers! It's great to not see you again!

So, why am I here? Why, to read and write new creepypastas, of course! And also, on a not-unrelated note, to plug my new blogging site, Emily's Adventures in Horrorland. This is a wonderful, magical place where I get to review all the horror movies I've watched, as well as creepy online videos in a section I've called Yeerie YouTube (and yes, this can include creepypasta vids). Also, during the month of June, I've been working on my 30 Day Horror Review - one film per day, covering a variety of subgenres across several decades of horror cinema.

"But FervidColt," I hear you ask, "if that is your real name... What if there's a particular film I want you to look at and comment on?"

Well, I'm glad you asked. If there's a film you fancy and you want to see my take on it, just leave a comment on the site or email me and I'll get right on it. Because I love you. So much. *sob*

Here's the link for you, and thanks for reading!

(Also, I've been off the Wiki for a while. What's new with creepypastas? Any fresh horror villains I may have missed?)

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