Sorry about the title; it seemed cleverer when I wrote it. Anyway! Yes. Hallowe'en - absolutely, positively my favourite time of the year. Why? I hear you ask. 

What? You're not asking?

Well, I'm going to tell you anyway, damn it. It's not just about the food... although I do like to indulge my sweet tooth, and one year we even used our pumpkins to make these weird fajita things... with olives... I forget. It's not just about getting to devise a new and interesting Hallowe'en costume (I was Emily from Corpse Bride last year - see photo). 

Corpse bride 2 by fervidcolt-d5kwivc

October 30th 2012. Best I could do with my measly budget.

It's about getting SCARED.

So, to celebrate this wonderful holiday, I'm aiming to write a whole load of new creepypastas. I might even earn a few badges while I'm at it. (One pasta a day for five days? I'm on it!) Also, I'm going to rewatch some of my favourite horror films (Hellraiser, NEKRomantik, 1408 maybe). This should help enrich my understanding of the genre and help me write better fiction.  Also, it'll take my mind off not having any money to buy food. Bloody student loan, coming in late, making me look poor...

So, thank you for reading this, my first blog post, and I hope you'll stick around to read some of my pastas! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to collect my shiny new 'You shouldn't have done that' badge. It's all about the badges. Oh yeah.

Toodily-oodily! x