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    Hullo again, non-existent readers! It's great to not see you again!

    So, why am I here? Why, to read and write new creepypastas, of course! And also, on a not-unrelated note, to plug my new blogging site, Emily's Adventures in Horrorland. This is a wonderful, magical place where I get to review all the horror movies I've watched, as well as creepy online videos in a section I've called Yeerie YouTube (and yes, this can include creepypasta vids). Also, during the month of June, I've been working on my 30 Day Horror Review - one film per day, covering a variety of subgenres across several decades of horror cinema.

    "But FervidColt," I hear you ask, "if that is your real name... What if there's a particular film I want you to look at and comment on?"


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    Zombification complete

    October 27, 2013 by FervidColt

    Well, here's my Hallowe'en costume!

    Basically, when I started putting this together, I was still poor, so I only used toilet paper, PVA glue and acrylic paints. Then my loan came through and I could afford to get a pair of white UV contact lenses. I think it looks more effective with just one, and they're supposed to glow in UV lighting but I haven't seen them in action yet.

    When my friend and I went out in light drizzle, looking for a Hallowe'en party, I did start to peel in places. Maybe I didn't use enough glue or maybe I just moved around too much. Anyway, we walked around for an hour an a half and still didn't find the house, so we gave up,went to a friend's place and drank some bloody punch.

    I'm posting the link for the zombie makeup tu…

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    Personally, I think it is indeed the saddest type of food known to Western civilisation (as long as it's tinned), but if you can think of something worse, please let me know!

    Sorry, I think I'm preoccupied with pasta at the moment. It's all I can afford to eat right now, and it is also all I feel like posting on the internet. Apparently, to get the '(Don't) Go To Sleep' badge, you only needed to contribute to the Wiki once a day for five days; it didn't need to be five creepypastas. Still, I have a lot of ideas and I intend to use them all. We are still in the month of Hallowe'en, after all!

    I wasn't sure what to be this year, but I've finally plumped for: ZOMBIE! Have never been a zombie before, so it should be fun to experiment with creati…

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    Sorry about the title; it seemed cleverer when I wrote it. Anyway! Yes. Hallowe'en - absolutely, positively my favourite time of the year. Why? I hear you ask. 

    What? You're not asking?

    Well, I'm going to tell you anyway, damn it. It's not just about the food... although I do like to indulge my sweet tooth, and one year we even used our pumpkins to make these weird fajita things... with olives... I forget. It's not just about getting to devise a new and interesting Hallowe'en costume (I was Emily from Corpse Bride last year - see photo). 

    It's about getting SCARED.

    So, to celebrate this wonderful holiday, I'm aiming to write a whole load of new creepypastas. I might even earn a few badges while I'm at it. (One pasta a day for five days? I'm on i…

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