So this is my first strory. Enjoy!

Have you ever had a dream and in a day or two it some-what becomes reality? If you have you'll know what I'm talking about. I live in Varna, Bulgaria and have two friends that are in a relationship whit two girls. Over a year ago I had a dream. I was in a train station somewhere out side of my city (I study in another city over 200 km away and I see this train station every time when I come home). I was facing one of my friends and his GF when I asked them "Where are the others?". They replied in the same time and tone "Gone." When I woke up, I wondered what the hell did I just dream? I quickly forgot the dream and carryed on. 13 weeks later the couple that was "gone" had broke up. When I heared it the dream came up in my mind.


The train station - I wasn't gonna be there when the event happend.

"Gone." - They were going to brake up. (thank God that it's only this.)

The facing couple - They told me about it.

Since then whenever I had a strange dream I take triple coution. 4 months ago I dreamed that I was driving my father's car on the highway. I felt the cold inside, the panic in me ETC.  When I woke up I laughted I sayed to my self "Ok man chill, this time nothing is going to happen. You don't even have license and the old man keeps his key with him always!". The next night I dreamed the street fatality from the new MK (the one in witch a car beheads you). I didn't took this dream seriosly too becouse I was plaing MK till I went to bed (every fight was on that map by the way!). The next day me and my family went out on a ride (with his car on the highway). It was really hot outside so we turned on the air condisioner to cold. I had a weird feeling when my past two dreams poped out. And then it all happend. we got envolved in a carcrash while I was sleeping in the back.The next half month I was in the hospital with a broken neck. When I fell asleep I invisioned me staring to a mirror. My image just spoke these words "I warned you!"