So my profile pretty much gives a decent capsule review as far as my writing endeavors, but if you are reading my blog I assume that you want to know more.  These reasons are, I'm sure, best known to yourself and are hopefully benign, but even if they were malignant there isn't a whole lot that I could do to stop you.  Welcome to the interwebs.  As I'm sure you will have picked up on, I have a bizarre if somewhat esoteric sense of humor, but it's usually self-effacing.  The fact that I love to make people laugh may not mesh well with a horror writer, but horror isn't all I do. 

Aside from the afforementioned fanfiction that I write on under the Pen Name Jason Tandro, I am also:

1. a Moderator of the TerraEarth Forums (a decent little community for Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma)

2. A member of the group Clan Cur on youtube who does Let's Plays, Podcasts, Top 10 Lists, Medleys and even obnoxiously funny D&D sessions (though admittedly you probably have to be a friend of ours to get some of the humor). []

3. The creator of Shinra Inc. And, a web parody series of fanfictions which is so expansive I created a website for it as well []

I do a lot of other stuff on the side, but this is the stuff which I think will help you round out my web personality.   As far as personal stuff goes, I'll be a bit brief about that, but will say that I am married and have a brand new daughter of three weeks as of writing this post (she just turned that at midnight!  (well tecnically 6:10 PM today)).  I work as a tech support rep for a cell phone provider in this region.

And that's about all I can think about at the moment.  Feel free to ask me anything, my life is pretty much an open book and I will answer any questions you might have (yes, any, but don't be surprised by the bluntness of my responses).