Over The Hump Blog #01

Seem to have hit a lurch.  Last two stories were deleted.  

I'm not contesting either of these.  They're not really worth my time to contest for one thing and for another I happen to respect the fact that the Admins are trying to keep the riff-raff out so to speak, lol.  Plenty of my stories have been published on here, so I know I it's nothing personal (Emp has actually been really cool with me especially in overturning the one story that I DID contest getting removed, helping me find a place for another one that got deleted, and as I noticed recently banning some dude who tried to take credit for my work (on The Baptism).) Good on you Emp, no hard feelings. :-) 

But I have found that I'm in a dry spell writing wise.  I've tried some various exercises as far as re-treading old ground and retelling old stories but these are only going to get you so far.  My technique is okay, but my ideas and planning need more work.  As such one thing I'd like to start doing is actually utilizing this blog and trying to get a bit of presence on here.  Help people who care about my work fish out what's going on in this rat maze of my brain.  So I'll be trying to do updates whenever I have something and I'll keep on submitting new stories as I clear up this writers block.  

As far as my workshopping goes (I'm sure it will be brought up), I have a few writer friends who I run some of my work by that can usually offer some insight.  But at the end of the day, a poorly thought out idea is a poorly thought out idea.  Anybody else suffering from the dry spell at the moment?  

PS:  Vincent V. Cava is gonna be featured in that new Creepypasta Book hitting shelves on Sep 2nd and I want to get me that.  VVC is one of my favorites, everything he writes is gold.  Look up "The Fight" and "A Favor For a Favor".