aka Overlord Ren

  • I live in Backwoods, America
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is Full time student
  • I am Female, nothing too complicated.
  • FauxyPauxy

    O-KAY! I guess my first //blog post on here will have to be one where I //NAG. So, the morning started off great! Just wrote and edited my first submission! Created an account, etc, etc, but upon attempting to log in after I was kicked out was more that a little difficult. The pass word was wrong, over and over and over, so I had to request a new one three times. Then once I could finally log in, I was sent to the EMAIL CONFORMATION page, (i had already done this) I was kicked off yet again, so I decided to restart my computer in frustration. THUS, Losing my submission. (I attempted to submit but I ws kicked out the first time during publishing.) 

    MORAL OF THIS BLOG; Don't let anger blind you. (Less you be even more angered later.)

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