I decided today that, for fun, I'm going to do a song binge marathon. It's where you guys suggest the type of song, I listen to it and I give my feedback to it. All genres are accepted (including stuff that I may find repulsive... like rap).

I'm going to have a 100 songs on this blog (maybe less if I feel like it, or if someone requests that I minimize the song list). Because it'll be so large, I'll update a week on Friday (including this Friday) So, here we go!

  1. First up, Handy by Weird Al Yankovic. Why not start with a funny one. I think Weird Al can make a shitty mainstream song that's stuck in your head catchy with his comedic style. Plus with the bridge where Weird Al says "Patch the dry wall..." is very catchy with his bust-a-rhyme style.
  2. Next up is Anaconda by Nicky Minaj....She's not really good when she's by herself, just saying. The only song that I think can be classified her best by herself is Super Bass. But anyways, let's continue. The song pretty much takes Sir Mix Alot's Baby Got Back. As I was reviewing the lyrics (can't really understand her rapping), the song pretty much talks about a hooker that can kill with her ass? That's what I got from it. From what my friend did on Facebook that made me laugh a little was this: "My anaconda don't want none unless you got Buns hun."
  3. "I'M GONNA BREAK MY RUSTY CAGE AND RUN..." This and Hunted Down are wonderful songs from Soundgarden. They start off with that riff that pulls you into a zone that makes you want to listen to the song multiple times. The melody that Chris Cornell sings in this song is great, as well as the opening first and third line of each verse.