Question 1
"What is your name?"
My username is Fatal Disease, but some users call me Artie or Art. Either or works for me.
Question 2
"How long have you been a mod?"
I have been a mod for four weeks and two days.
Question 3
"Why should you have your rights reinstated?"
While I am on here, rather than doing admin work on Trollpasta and re-writing/checking the rules and the quality of articles on Spinpasta, I moderate the chat. I haven't done a lot of bans like the older moderators have, but I have banned socks that Sarah had made, while the moderators were like "Fuck it, let her stay." I pretty much have a three-warning system for stuff that does not get an instant ban/kick from the chat. If a user is experiencing situations in real-life, I usually pm them so that they can feel a little bit more better. And I, somewhat, keep the drama from the chat, while other moderators that I have witnessed have ignited it or carried the flame with it. During current times I'm not on there, because of my parents restricting me from this because it's "causing more issues," and a certain user is "causing more issues for my life". But I do have a certain amount of time where I can do all the stuff that I am required to. So, this is the recount, so yeah.