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Fuck u #Yole


Well. Where do I start off... When I was born, I was young. I am a musician on hiatus (don't know when it will end, though). I am nice in general, unless if people tend to do shit to me. I am not really that judgemental; I don't label people and isolate them from my life.

Fun Fact: I never knew a lot about grammar till I started caring for this wiki, and Spinpasta.

I used to be one of those people who typed "I" like "i".

Even More Fun Facts, that are shocking: I am an administrator on all three pasta wikis (Creepypasta, Trollpasta, and Spinpasta).

I have a great sense of humor. I think my way of comforting people is through comedy, since I tend to fuck up with actual words (and how they come out).

I am very anti-social in real life, other than the people that I care about the most; old friends that I kept contact.

And so yeah. This is some of me. So ye.

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