Alright, so lately I've been really thinking about what is music, the different types, structure, and generally were we're headed in that field. Something I want to know is: how do you people view music? I think of it as anything. Anything can be music. Anything can be good or bad. It really depends on your personal preference. Also, I've been working in music for about 6-7 years now and have been listening to it all my life. I've listened (and still do) to anything and everything. People bash musicians fo rbeing horrible artists just because THEY don't like it. Everyone is good, it's just who you present it to.

Sometimes, I'll read the comments on youtube videos of aritsts I listen to or am not familiar with just to see how people react. They judge the music for being of a certain genre, the style, or just simply the artist. Do we have the right to blow shit to all the artists out there that worked their whole life for this just because we don't care to hear it? They put their heart into something and we think it to be not up to par with what we like and have been raised to believe is good. Another thing is: if you like music by a certain artist, are you to assume it's good? People make themselves believe it's good because the artist has made such great things in the past, so they just want to follow the crowd and say it's good (this applies ALOT with celebrities). I like alot artists, and I can say with full certainty that some of the songs, I really just don't care for but I stil respect the artists for their time and effort. Then again, that's just my perspective.

This has been bugging me along with a few other subjects. I intend on making a youtube series diving into this more indepth. I want your opinion so that I can get an unbiased input (even though I think mine is unbiased) and I would like to put some of your thoughts on this. If you don't want your point of view mentioned, just say you don't want it in the video. I might do this for the other subjects in my mind but we'll see. Just putting this out there cause it's begining to piss me off. Tell me if you feel the same way, the opposite, or are unaligned. Thanks for reading, can't wait to hear what you think. The more you care for something is in direct relevance for how much they can hurt you. - LaT (talk) 18:52, August 5, 2012 (UTC)