Alright, I've been on the site for a few months now and read plenty of stories. Back in the begining, the stories really creeped me out and rocked me to the core. Now I don't hardly anything. I'm guessing that the newer stories being added have no real scare factor to them.

Between video game pastas, MLP, Zelda, lost episodes, memes, minecraft, troll pastas, anda other random crap that people put up, the site is being taken over! I really believe that these stories are making the site into some sort of fanfic archive. We really need to review these different pastas and COMPLETELY scrap those different genres and create one called "Classics" and move the best of those stories there. Maybe it's just me but this has really been bothering me lately.

How about you guys? Do we need a classics category? Do we scrap the trolls, games, and various fanics? I'm uncertain at this point. Tell me what you guys think.