As we are well aware of, fandoms exist in society today and take many different forms. They can be people who enjoy up to those who are absolutely obsessed with something. Some of the main fandoms consist of: Whoovians, Homestucks, Bronies, fans of One piece, Adventure Time, Transformers, Avatards, Soul Eater, Harry Potter, Ect. The list goes on. There’s art, fan videos, conventions, fanfics, and podcasts specifically pertaining to these subjects. Fandoms aren’t confined to just shows; they can be books, games, and music as well. In some cases, they can become so big, that they attract the attention of local news stations or have articles written on them. For instance, Juggalos (fans of Insane Clown Posse) are listed as a major gang in the FBIs list of top gang organizations. In these fandoms, there can be a few people up to tens of thousands. Vast majorities of people participate in these fandoms in the forms above. However, most of you know this already.

Adventure time by marshall time-d5lkq6r

My question is: What fandoms do you participate in/if at all, or is there something you just enjoy to watch/read/listen to on a daily basis. Also, if you buy merchandise for anything. Personally, I can say that I thoroughly enjoy System of a Down, Vladimir Todd, Voltaire, MLP, Bleach, Naruto, Deathnote, Minecraft, Runescape, and Creepypasta (yes, I consider this a fandom too), Just to name a few. But I’d really like to know what you indulge yourself in, weather that be time, money, or skills.

This is meant to show what people enjoy doing and to find common ground with other people. Hell, you could even make some friends at this as well. Please, don’t get into any heated debates with anyone over a disagreement. All of this is simply for fun. From this, one can only guess at what power and influence that fandoms can/will have in the future.

Chibaku tensei by hulfblood-d5lksas